My Journey Dairy


You have maybe realised that I haven’t blogged anything for about a week. Unfortunately my time-abroad-fairytale turned out to be a little time-abroad-nightmare! Things like that happen.

I started to feel very unwell in my family for reasons I don’t want to specify any further. Let’s just say it wasn’t only them and it wasn’t only me but more everything together that just didn’t work out.

I spend nights crying myself to sleep, missing my family and my friends at home, feeling lost and lonely but didn’t quite knew what I couldn’t cope with. I don’t think I’ve ever used Skype as much as I did during that time, calling my parents about 3 times a day. That helped a lot!

Fortunately I had decided to join a Facebook-group with au pairs from Reading and around. Families can look for au pairs and au pairs can look for new friends or families. I was lucky enough to get in touch with some very nice people who lend me a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to me and my problems.

I actually reached a point at which I didn’t even wanted to leave my bed – let alone my room but talking to those people really helped me to get out of that emotional misery.

It’s astonishing how strangers can become confidantes in such a short time when you have nobody left to talk to.

At the end of the day I couldn’t get around talking to my host-family nevertheless. I made a list to arrange my thoughts and help me keeping a structure while talking to them. In the end we came to the conclusion that I will change the family.

So much about that…

I’ll keep you posted!

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