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Slowly but steady the days are getting shorter and colder here in Bracknell. That I was able to wear a short dress with a thin knitted jacket only about 3 weeks ago seems unbelievable now. I am in England already over a month and when I came here it was still summer and warm enough to wear my skirts. That time of the year is definitely over.

I love autumn and couldn’t wait for Starbucks to bring out their Pumpkin Spice Latte again (I guess I’ve already had about 10 of them now :D). Cozy jumpers, knitted socks and hot chocolate in front of the TV watching my favourite series or reading a good book sounds like the perfect day for me.

In terms of news there’s actually not that much to write about. The days are going by, I am meeting friends for a coffee, attending my theatre school every Saturday and going out from time to time.

Last week I met Camilo for a stroll through Wokingham the little village right next to Bracknell. We went to a lovely café called the “Sedero Lounge” and had the best hot chocolate since a very long time and also really good cheese-pasta! 

I did not find the time yet to actually look around in Wokingham because the day we were there it was raining, but  the things I already saw looked pretty nice. Especially the town hall is beyond beautiful! As soon as I have time (and good weather) I will go back to properly explore the little village. 

Today I went to town to meet a friend called Janne there. She is from Germany as well and we had met before here but not seen each other in a long time (meaning about two weeks, haha!). We had a coffee at Starbucks and they still struggle with my name. For everybody who isn’t familiar with Starbucks: You order your coffee and they will ask for your name to write it on the cup and when your coffee is ready they shout it out for you to get the coffee. That’s how it works. Now Leonie might be a very popular name in Germany but it really isn’t in foreign countries so whenever I am in a Starbucks while travelling they can’t spell my name right. I tried changing it to easier versions like “Leo” or “Lenny” but ultimately I was “Liu” or even “Nanny” to be shouted out as “Nancy”. Last week I was given the name “Luily” and today I was “Naomi”. They have one year time to learn “Leonie” at the local Starbucks now which means I’ve got some hope although I’m gonna drink their Pumpkin Spice Latte even if they keep on spelling it wrong…

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