That's Me

About Me

My name is Leonie, I’m 19 years old and the name of the blog says pretty precisely what I want to talk about.

My life might not be super exciting but it’s about to undergo some changes because I’m gonna be living in the UK for one year as an Au-Pair. Initially I wanted to share my experiences on Instagram but a lot of the people I want to keep up to date don’t have Instagram so I’ve decided to do this blog. So that’s what it’s gonna be about – my life in the UK.

I’m writing straight out of my mind and I won’t spend hours trying to find better expressions so this is going to be a lot like a dairy. Also English isn’t my native language so please forgive me if you find some mistakes. Nobody’s perfect right? We’ll see what happens after my year abroad when I’m back home but until then I welcome you to follow me on my journey.