The Little City Guide

  • The Little City Guide


    We all love travelling don’t we? And if it wouldn’t be that expensive we’d do it all the time! What if I told you that I’ve spent four days in the beautiful city of Edinburgh and only payed about a 170 pounds? That’s affordable isn’t it? Keep on reading for some money-saving tricks and my must-sees in Scotlands historic capital city! Where do I stay? If you don’t care about staying in a room with strangers I have just the right place for you! The West End Hostel offers you a nice accomodation only 20 minutes away from the Princes Street Gardens for only 11 pounds a night! The dormitory…

  • The Little City Guide


    As I’m trying to get around a little while I’m here I thought I could do a little tour guide of all the city’s I’ve been to. I‘m going to include some general information I get from my good old friend Google but also tips and tricks from my visits of the respective city or town. Because I might visit some city’s more than one time I’ll maybe add some details later on. Enjoy!