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This month has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me! I got to see my absolutely favourite musical of all time – “Hamilton”, my best au pair friend left and my best friend from home visited me!
Let’s start at the beginning!

I spent the first weekend of February in London together with Laura because her family visited her and she had accidentally booked a double room instead of a single one. We did some touristy things and I finally got to see the Tower of London again which had been on my list ever since I came here in August. Spending the whole weekend there also gave us the chance to see London by night and man how I love this city with all it‘s street art and charm!

Back in Bracknell we went Bowling with Dorkas and her brother who visited her for a few days. It was really fun and surprisingly I wasn’t even as bad as I thought I was going to be!
The next Saturday I finally got to pick up my best friend Robin from the airport. He had booked his stay back in November  and we were both super impatient to finally see each other again! The weather seemed to be amazing, it was warm and sunny. The first real good day this year. So we thought! We wanted to go to London on Sunday but ultimately we couldn’t because no trains were running due to the storm. We had a good week anyways, enjoyed every bit together and I also got to rediscover my love for the Chai Latte in the Workhouse in Reading. If you are ever there, don’t miss the chance to try one! 

Next up was a musical because what else?
My aunt and uncle had gifted me a ticket for “Six” and I went to see it with Laura. It was incredible! We had previously done a number from “Six” in my theatre school for our show and that made it extra exciting for me! We spent the evening together with Johanna eating ice cream and talking girl stuff so that was quiet a good weekend! ;D

The week just went by like any other week does. I forgot to put the bin out (but luckily I have a clever host mum who reminds me every week, I really don’t know what it is with me and the bins! :D), watched way too much Netflix, read a new book and worked on my bullet journal. Edda beat me again and again in Mario Kart and her Jumanji Boardgame. She literally wins every time and I have no clue why! It also was the week of my last tutoring lesson with my little boy here. The family got a new au pair from Germany one week later so naturally they don’t need me anymore to help him with his German. I’m really gonna miss our fun lessons together!  

The next Saturday was the one I’ve awaited for such a long time. I finally got to see “Hamilton”!! Since almost three years I had been listening to the soundtrack “Non-Stop” (haha if you know, you know! ;D) and couldn’t wait to finally see the production live. Laura accompanied me, as always and 30 minutes before the curtain fell we sat on our seats in the theatre waiting for it to start. I was a little afraid, that it might not be as good as I always imagined it to be and that I’d be disappointed but it was incredible! The best musical I’ve seen so far, it made me laugh and cry and it was just perfect!

After seeing “Hamilton” we went to see “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” on the same day because clearly we are crazy! 😀 I wouldn’t say that I was fed up with musicals that night but it surely was enough! 

On Sunday we celebrated Ashleigh’s birthday. She is Edda’s older sister and lives in another city to study there. We all ate a delicious Sunday Roast together, which Rachel had cooked and enjoyed a nice chocolate birthday cake. 

The next week was Laura’s last in England and Tomke’s (the new au pair of my tutoring family) first. We met her in the city on Wednesday had coffee together and showed her around a bit. It really was a fun day! But Friday came faster than I wanted it to and with it the sadness of Laura leaving the next day. Even though I had only known her since October she was for sure my best friend here. Johanna, Dorkas and I had a little surprise planned for her and so we met one last time on Friday night to say goodbye. We all managed to keep our tears to ourselves (mostly) and even the next morning when I went over to her house to walk her to the car I did not cry! It was a strange feeling however knowing that she would not be next door anymore as she had been ever since I came here. I really miss her, but I know that I’m going to see her again in summer when she visits me so that’s something to look forward to! 

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