'Tis the season ...

… for gift giving. I love giving and receiving gifts, just the same. For me it’s an act of showing the people I love that I care for them and think about them. I do think however, that we really have to overthink the way we handle presents. There are three things I just can’t understand are so frowned upon. 

It's ok to have wishes ...

… and tell your loved ones about them! Everybody has wishes, I’m sure you’ll be able to think about a few ones if you try. Maybe that bottle of your favourite gin that you’ve been meaning to buy for a few weeks but just didn’t want to spend your money on, or a lipstick you couldn’t bring yourself to splurge on.

I make a list during the year and just write down all the small things I want, but don’t buy myself. There are books on that list, vinyls, makeup, a water bottle, tech stuff, a bag, a few household things and a lot more. You can find a short form of that list here. If you just collect all the little things during the year it’ll be easy to actually give your loved ones some options if they ask for your birthday or Christmas. Even if you can’t think of something “materialistic” but would much rather go to a concert or on a holiday, it will be a nice feeling for your loved ones to know what the money they’re gifting you is for.

Trust me they won’t think you are greedy for expressing your wishes. Quite the opposite will be the case! My relatives and friends are always very thankful when I can tell them what I could really need or want. After all they can’t read my mind and nobody wants to gift something that’ll be useless or not appreciated. 

Not every present has to be new ...

… in order to be a good present. Especially nowadays we should think more environmentally friendly. That includes presents, because why shouldn’t it? Your loved ones will be just as happy about a pre-used book as they will be about a new one. There are so many things we can and should reuse. CDs, books, furniture, decorations, jewellery, even clothes.

Things do not have to be brand new in order to bring joy! In fact I feel like pre-loved things have a soul and personality and that makes me like them even more. Gifting second hand presents does not only reduce waste, it also gives you the possibility to give more expensive gifts for less. 

We should normalize gifting pre-loved presents as well!

It's fine not to give gifts ...

… if you don’t want to or can’t afford to. We should really only give presents to somebody when we are doing it to bring joy to that person. Unfortunately a lot of people feel pressured into buying gifts because it’s expected or because they received some theirselves. I absolutely hate that notion. It’s ok if you don’t want to participate in the whole gift-giving-circle! Nobody should only give gift, because they expect something in return. 

It’s also totally ok, if you can’t give gifts because you can’t afford to. We’ve all been there at some point! Buying presents can become crazy expensive and even if you only buy little things, they pile up to be expensive anyways. Your loved ones know, that you appreciate them a lot and they won’t think less of you if you don’t give them presents! 

Don’t let society pressure you into thinking that you have to buy gifts!

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