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Hello, hello I’m back again! So much happened during the last months and to be honest I just couldn’t get myself to writing. I know, shame on me! But now I’m here and ready to type till my fingers hurt and my brain is fried or till Ellie-may comes back from school. 😉 

Anyways I thought the best way to do this is to give you a quick (real quick I won’t go too much into detail!) overview over every single month and then you are up-to-date with my life. Shall we start?


Ok, the last thing you’ve heard from was my trip to Edinburgh which was in October. I still have a Travel Guide about that unfinished in my drafts. Upsi!

The rest of October (a total of two days :D) were spent with preparations for Halloween. Under the critical eyes of Ellie-May and her friend I carved my first pumpkin ever and helped to decorate the house spooky. I honestly thought that the people here would go more crazy about it but I guess it is still more of an American thing. Regardeless we went trick or treating in the evening and I even got some of Ellie-Mays candy, giving me the opportunity to try some typical Halloween treats (spoiler: most of them are not as nice as they look!). After we were back home I got a surprise visit from my friends and we spend some quality time together eating pizza and talking. 


November started with Guy Fawkes Night, which is a national celebration here on the 5th. The Brits celebrate that King James I. survived a gunpowder plot originally with bonfires and nowadays with big fireworks. Johanna got us tickets for a “fair” on the Ascot Racecourse where we ate delicious chips and then watched one of those spectacular fireworks which was about 30 minutes long and accompanied by music and a lot of cheering from the audience. 

On the 24th Laura, Dorkas and I decided to visit Brighton for a day. The weather forecast was good and we all wanted to see it so we boarded the bus and at around 11 o’clock we arrived in the coastal city. I did expect a little more to be honest but maybe one day just isn’t enough to really explore everything there. It was however my first time being on a pier and the idea of little restaurants, cafes and rollercoasters over the sea is absolutely lovely! I took way too many pictures that day but I’m not gonna show them all here since I’m planning on doing a post about Brighton and I’ll need them then but here’s a little sneak-peak…

The last big event in November was the Cabaret Show of my Theatre School. I was really excited when we met in the huge (maybe only for German standart) Reddam House School Theatre for the final rehearsal. We have had worked towards this day every Saturday for ten weeks and I knew that it would be my only show with them. I had bought a glittery dress for the show and could not wait to finally show my host-dad, Ellie-May and my friends what I’ve been doing on the weekends. We did two shows that night and the second one was even better than the first. I enjoyed every single moment on the stage and even thought I did mess up some parts it was an overall success for me. 


This December started with a not-so-much-chrismassy-feeling. I guess that was mainly because of the weather which was rather autumnal than winterly. My friends and I decided to visit the Winter-Wonderland in London nevertheless you have to do your best after all don’t you? The Winter-Wonderland is a big christmas fair in Hyde Park with many rollercoasters, loads of food and some booths selling christmas presents or clothes. After we saw everything there we went to Harrods and some other shops in London – all pretty crowded of course. Before we went home we also visited the ice rink the National History Museum does every year and drank a mulled wine which was not nearly as good as German Glühwein, ridiculously tiny and unbelievable expensive! I think I’ll just stick with normal wine while I’m here….

The people that know me know, that I am a Musical-Freak! I love musicals of every kind and naturally had too get tickets for the shows in London! Considering, that I arrived in October I really took my time but on the 14th I finally went to the first show on my list: “Waitress”. Laura and I had tickets to see the musical comedy together and  it was even better than I had expected it to be! I laughed and cried and would have sung along if the two uptight ladys right in front of us wouldn’t have been there. If you get the chance to see it, definitely do it!

I had decided a while back ago that I wanted to spend Christmas with my host-family. I was interested in getting to know their traditions and ways of celebrating. But even though I really love them and they are like a second family to me it was a weird feeling to now, that I would not be with my parents over the holidays. All of my friends were going home as well and so there would have been something missing if my parents had not decided to visit me over Christmas. I was over the moon until I found out a few days before they were coming, that my dad couldn’t make it for personal reasons. That was unfortunate and sad but my mum choose to come nevertheless so we picked her up at the airport on the 22nd and brought her home where we had a lovely family-christmas-dinner. I loved the tradition with the christmas-crackers and the colourful crowns we all wore during the meal and even though my mums English isn’t perfect we had good conversations and she absolutely enjoyed the evening! We spent the next days in London, Windsor and Bracknell where I just showed her around a bit. It was great to show her where I live, what I do and to introduce her to my family. On the 27th we flew back to Germany together because I wanted to be there for New Years Eve, which was a good decision since I would not have seen my dad otherwise. I celebrated the start of 2020 in Germany and boarded the plane back to England on the 3rd. 


We are back in the present and one of my new year resolutions is to do a monthly update so that there’ll be at least one post with news a month even if nothing super interesting happened but since it’s my life there’ll be interesting things right? 😉

See you soon! 

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