It's been a struggle lately ...

…to really focus on what’s coming next. With everything going on, I feel like planning is impossible to do and all that’s left is concentrating on the moment. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it would be nice to escape the crushing present and hideaway in a possible future.  

My best friend always has my back and even in this case, without knowing it, she helped me. For my birthday she got me a nice box full of lots I can open, whenever I feel like I’m in need of some inspiration or an activity for the day. I drew and the first one I got, was to write down my top 5 wishes for the future.

This exercise really got me thinking. Where would I be in 10 years time? Would I be happy and have reached my goals? Would I be even more afraid of what life has in stall for me, than I am now? The longer I thought, the more I was puzzled. 

In times like these ...

…a change of concept for what we call future would certainly do us all good! Why did I just think about it in terms of years ahead? Thinking about our future the conventional way can be frightening at the moment. It helps to remember, that future can be next week, or even tomorrow. If I think about it that way, a lot of pressure falls away. I can only build a good week on a good day and a good month on a good week, so why not make sure that tomorrow will be good? 

Yes, I can’t answer all the questions I asked myself, but that’s the wonderful thing about the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen and can therefore imagine whatever we want. I choose to concentrate on the good that might be waiting for me. I know I’ll be fine and that’s all I need. 

Have you been thinking about your future lately? What will you do once this whole COVID mess is over? I, for my part know exactly where I’ll be first thing after the pandemic. In a plane flying somewhere nice and warm!

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